San Francisco Javier is the main town on the island with its old town centre and fortified church where various events and local fiestas take place. It is very lively in the morning with stalls, shops, cafés and bars offering excellent breakfasts and serves as a meeting place for all.

San Fernando is the reference point for the 1970s hippy movement and is a small town with historical bars and an intense nightlife.
Lively events also take place in the church square in San Fernando.

Es Pujols is the most touristic town and is the only one which is located right by the sea. With its beautiful seafront and equipped beach, restaurants, cafés, bars and clubs, Es Pujols is without doubt the place where you will have the most fun.

The Mola area, situated furthest to the north, offers both the possibility of visiting the weekly hippy market and enjoying the view atop the lofty cliff. From here, you can see the lazy waves of the sea illuminated by the long beams of light from the majestic lighthouse and the sunrise at the start of each new day. Not to be missed.

Fun in Formentera is mostly about enjoying an aperitif on one of the various beaches and then spending the night in the towns or on the beaches.